Wetherby Reflexology

Gemma Mercer BSc CRM5 MAR

Gemma Mercer • Clinical Reflexology •  Wetherby

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Gemma Mercer

WETHERBY REFLEXOLOGY (formerly REFLEXOLOGY 3SIXTY) is a clinical reflexology service offered by Gemma Mercer.  Gemma is an experienced practitioner with a Centralia Level 5 Reflexology Mastership, the highest level of Reflexology training available in the UK.  Gemma is also an official Ambassador for the Association of Reflexologists, a professional body regulating and promoting excellence in Reflexology. 


Alongside two other experienced complementary therapists, Gemma has recently opened WETHERBY HOLISTIC HEALTH clinic. 

WETHERBY HOLISTIC HEALTH is a peaceful retreat in the heart of Wetherby where the therapists are passionate about sharing the many health benefits that holistic therapies can bring to the Wetherby community.