Gemma is a qualified and experienced practitioner, with a Centralia Reflexology Mastership at Level 5 (incorporating Agored Cymru units).  This is currently the highest qualification available for training as a reflexologist in the UK.  

Throughout her training, Gemma gained invaluable experience that has inspired her to work with each client individually through a "3SIXTY (degree)" approach to every reflex.  Each session is tailored to the individual's needs at that particular time.  Gemma has a special interest in the management of stress and how reflexology can be used during your fertility and pregnancy journey and is continually amazed at the wellbeing clients can experience through regular reflexology. 


Previously working in a highly stressed sales and marketing environment, Gemma has personal experience of using reflexology as a way to unwind.  and has a full appreciation of the damage and strain long-term, chronic stress can have on our bodies.

Now as a reflexologist, she thoroughly enjoys helping people to unwind and in turn make improvements to their health and wellbeing.


It is very important to choose a practitioner who meets the national standards in their work, having sufficient training and understanding of the theory and practice of reflexology.  To find a reflexologist who meets these professional requirements you can check with the register on the Association of Reflexologists website.  Gemma Mercer is not only a full member of the Association of Reflexologists, but she has also been selected as one of eight official Ambassadors for the Association.  This prestigious role is one that Gemma is very proud and excited about.  The Ambassadors' role is to educate the public and health care professionals on the benefits of reflexology and the importance of choosing an appropriately qualified practitioner.

Gemma treats her clients holistically, and is a big advocate for helping the body from the inside and out..  As part of this, she is also an Independent Consultant for Arbonne nutrition and skincare products.  These wonderfully effective products are pure, clean and beneficial, free from toxins and unnatural preservatives.  The nutrition products are centered around improving gut health and allowing the body to work optimally, improving energy and re-hydrating.

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