Foot reflexology is the most popular form of treatment and it can provide quick results.

The magority of my treatments are based upon foot reflexology but we will always discuss your preferences during your initial consultation.


Working the feet is a pleasurable experience, most clients feel completely calm and rebalanced during and following a treatment. 


Foot reflexology can be be used alone or in combined with hand or auricular reflexology. 



For some people foot or ear reflexology is simply not an option, as they cannot fathum the idea of someone touching their feet.  They may be too sensitive, be paranoid about the look or feel, or even have an injury that prevents reflexology being conducted on them.  In these instances, hands are more accessible and hand reflexology can be just as relaxing and beneficial as foot reflexology.


Hand reflexology is also great homework for clients as they can be taught to work the key reflexes on their own hands.


Hand reflexology can be used alone but I find it works particularly well in combination with other forms.   

Auricular (ear) Reflexology is safe, simple, quick and effective and is particularly effective for pain reflief and helping combat joint stiffness.  I have also seen great results in managing mood, rebalancing the body for relaxing and energising and improving the general circulation.


The results with Auricular Reflexology can be quick; it can be used alone or in combination with other forms of reflexology. 


Usually ears are included synergistically, whereby the practitioner works the same reflex and links foot to hand and hand to ear in order to accelerate the body’s response.