Reflexology is a technique that has been used on feet, hands and even outer ears for thousands of years in many different countries and cultures.  Reflexologists believe that your body is mapped and represented across these areas.  By working pressure points, using specific techniques along different reflex points, we are able to pick up areas of imbalance or congestion that your body may be suffering from.  By using specific techniques, we aim to increase circulation in these areas and provide the body with the signals that it needs in order to ‘rebalance’ itself and promote overall better physical and emotional health and wellbeing.



At REFLEXOLOGY 3SIXTY you and your individual needs are at the centre of every treatment.  My aim is to create a treatment protocol specifically created for you, meaning no two treatments are the same.  Working with your body and a "3Sixty degree" approach to every reflex, we will rebalance and reharmonise, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.  Being trained in foot, hand and ear reflexology, we have the option to merge treatments together to ensure you gain the most beneficial outcomes.



Before your first treatment, we will have a discussion about your medical history, recent ailments and reasons for being interested in reflexology.  This will enable me to design a treatment plan specific to your needs.  Your details will of course always remain confidential.