WETHERBY REFLEXOLOGY is a clinical reflexology service offered from a peaceful retreat in the heart of Wetherby.  Treatments are personalised for each client, working with a 3Sixty degree approach to every reflex.  The length and regularity of treatments can vary from one person to another, but they are most often based around hourly sessions.  Reflexology treatments are offered on the feet, hands and ears and where necessary can include Synergistic and Meridian Reflexology.


Initial treatments involve a consultation about health and well-being followed by an investigatory reflexology session, whereby all bodily systems are covered.  A bespoke treatment plan will then be devised, guided by the reflexes found to be out of balance and any presenting conditions. 

Many clients find reflexology to be most effective with regular treatments initially, with the majority committing to a course that we review and revisit health improvements along the way (on a case by case basis).  Some people begin to feel an improved sense of wellbeing immediately whereas others may take two or three sessions for their reflexes to respond.  

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It is important to point out that there are some contraindications for reflexology. 

These may be temporary and we can discuss them one-on-one.   


Such contraindications include;

  • Severe cellulitis, where it may be impossible to work the affected area

  • Contagious or notifiable disease where there is a risk of infection to the practitioner and cross-infection to other clients

  • If the client is under the influence of drugs or alcohol

  • If there are imminent medical tests, particularly if they are hormone related as the results may be distorted by the improvements gained from reflexology

  • Treatment for thrombosis/Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT),despite the fact that reflexology improves circulation, it must be conducted when the clients condition is stabilised.